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Biotechnology and Carpet Cleaning?

This is something different.

Bio-Tech is an abbreviation of two words, Biology (the science of living organisms), and Technology (the use of science to serve our needs and solve our problems).  Over the past few decades the field of biotechnology has advanced by light-years. From these advances has come a greater understanding of ENZYMES. In addition to the countless number of jobs that enzymes perform, They are also natures cleaning crew. Without them the earth would be covered in a layer of waste about 5 stories thick.

Our cleaning solution is made of enzymes. No chemicals. A completely new and different way of cleaning carpet and upholstery. Better than ever before, your carpet is dry in about 30 minutes with no ALKALINE residue.

Before and After

Have you ever noticed that carpet gets dirty faster after it has been cleaned? Ironic as it may seem, the very same thing that is commonly used to clean carpet can become a magnet to dirt after it dries. Detergents leave an alkaline residue that will attract more dirt if not rinsed out completely. The chemicals most commonly used in carpet detergents are phosphates, silicates, and carbonates. All of which are listed as hazardous chemicals. In addition to this your carpet could be wet for hours, or days. Wet carpet provides one of the best environments for mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust might's to grow. For a report by the Institute of Medicine regarding damp indoor spaces and health please Click Here.

There is probably no other item in your home that you and your children come in contact with more than your carpet. Besides walking on it, your children also play on it, and it may not be uncommon for them to put toys in their mouth after rolling them around on it. Thanks to gravity and the texture of carpet, it is one of the most likely places in your home to find bacteria, pollen, dust, and dust might's.

As grim as that may sound, it's far more likely to irritate your allergies than to cause illness. Nonetheless, it does shine some light on the importance of cleaning your carpet regularly.

At BIO-TECH we took all of this into consideration in developing our completely organic method of cleaning carpet and upholstery. There are no chemicals and no detergents in our cleaning solution. It is made of natural enzymes. The enzymes actually eat the dirt, oils, bacteria, dust, mold, and mildew.

Because our cleaning solution is not a detergent, it doesn't leave a sticky residue. you will find that your carpet feels softer and stays clean longer with our method. We use very little moisture, so your carpet is usually dry in about 30 minutes. By greatly reducing the drying time, mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust might's have less of a chance to grow back. If your interested in how it works please click here.

We have been serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1994.

We are in all of these counties: Maui Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa

We are a Valuestar, Gold Star certified company.

We are Doctor Recommended.

Bio-Tech All Natural Provides a cleaning service that is safe for both the patient and their environment, and because they use enzymes that dry quickly, there is no concern for mold growth in carpet/ furniture. I recommend them as a most safe and affordable way to clean.

Vincent A. Marinkovich, M.D.

Certified Allergist & Immunologist

Clinical Professor, Stanford University.


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