You may be wondering at this point how we can clean carpet with very little moisture and no chemicals. You may also be surprised to learn that we don't use any high powered vacuum machinery like a truck mounted or portable steam cleaner.

In order to understand how our method works without any of the key elements required for steam cleaning, it will help to understand why they are key elements and how they work. This is not to imply that steam cleaning doesn't work, but to explain how our method works in a completely different way.

If you have ever tried to clean something with just plain water, it probably didn't take long to realize that you weren't getting good results. Detergents are able to release dirt and oil and keep it suspended in water. This is why other carpet cleaners use detergents. However detergents are almost always alkaline. In other words they are sticky and need to be rinsed back out.

Agitation is another key element. A washing machine wouldn't be able to clean cloths without spinning back and forth. With steam cleaning the dirt is agitated loose by blasting it with a high pressure spray of hot water and detergent. This is the same technique used to clean car engines. This is obviously a very effective way to clean, but it requires a lot of water to be used. Which brings us to the next key element, extraction.

It is a common misconception that the high powered vacuum is what does most of the cleaning. Not to downplay the importance of a high powered vacuum in the steam cleaning process, but without the high pressured spray the vacuum wouldn't do much in the way of cleaning. Simply put, after putting gallons of water into a carpet, nothing short of a high powered vacuum will be able to get most of it back out. The dirt that was blasted loose by the spray is suspended in the water by the detergents so it is pulled out along with the water. The more water that can be pulled out, the more dirt will come out with it.

Once the initial cleaning is done it is necessary to rinse. This is done by repeating the same process as the cleaning, except without detergent. If the detergent is not rinsed out, it will leave a sticky residue that will attract dirt back again.

With our method detergent has been replaced with enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts. They change things from one form to another by changing the atoms they are made of. By changing just a few atoms, dirt and oils can be changed into liquids and gasses. In other words, our solution is dissolving the dirt's and oil's rather than simply releasing them.

Because we are not blasting the dirt loose with a high pressure spray, we are able to use very little moisture, about 95% less than a steam cleaner uses. With small amounts of moisture absorption is more effective than suction. Each fiber of the carpet is wiped from the base to the top from all directions by a super absorbent mop pad under a floor buffer. Because the mop pad is more absorbent than the carpet, the moisture and any dirt that wasn't dissolved by the enzymes is easily transferred from the carpet to the mop pad.

We are not the only carpet cleaning company that uses pads to clean carpet, but most of the others use cleaning solutions that are alkaline. Because there is no effective way to rinse using a pad, the alkaline residue is left behind making the carpet stiff and sticky. Our cleaning solution is the opposite of alkaline, not only do we not leave a sticky residue but we are able to neutralize alkaline residues.