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Does it work?

This is by far the most commonly asked question. Of course the answer is yes but why should you believe us. In all likelihood, before you saw this website you had probably never herd of us even though we have been in business for ten years. This is due to the fact that we have never done very much advertising. In the competitive business of carpet cleaning, Those who don't use some type of regular advertising ( Yellow Pages, Coupons, Television, or Radio) don't see a constant flow of new customers and therefore don't last very long. Yet we have been able to stay in business for ten years without any of these forms of advertising. We are able to survive without much advertising because most of our business comes from repeat and referral customers. This says a lot about how well our method works. People only continue to use a service if they are happy with them, and only refer their friends and family if they are certain that they won't be embarrassed by an unsatisfactory result. In an industry where the average company only has a 66% customer satisfaction rating, Valuestar found that we were able to maintain a level of customer satisfaction well above 90%. Unfortunately Valuestar was a casualty of the 2001 market crash. We want our new customers to be able to try our service without feeling like they are taking a risk. If you have a spot that you feel may be a problem, ask our guy to work on it before he does any thing else. If you are not satisfied with the result he will leave and charge you nothing for trying, and if you are satisfied he will clean the carpet in the rooms you wish to have cleaned at that time. Please understand that we cannot book the test spot and the job as two separate appointments.