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There are thousands of enzymes in each cell of every living thing on earth. They are absolutely essential to life on this planet. Enzymes are made of complex arrangements of protein molecules. There are thousands of potential arrangements, so there are thousands of different enzymes. Each caries out a specific function. Much like a lock and key, an enzyme can only react with what it is specifically intended for, and nothing else.

The protein molecules are held together in a double helix, they have a reactive site made to fit only one type of molecule. In other words, the only type of molecule that will fit in an enzymes reactive site is the type of molecule that the enzyme is specifically made to react with. For virtually every type of molecule, there is an enzyme that will react with it.

Once an enzyme has found a molecule that will fit in it's reactive site, it begins to trade atoms with it. By changing just a few atoms in a molecule, it is changed into a completely different type of molecule. For instance, if an oxygen atom is given two hydrogen atoms, it becomes water.

Our cleaning solution is the result of years of research. First to find the types of molecules that are commonly found in dirty carpet and upholstery, then to find the specific enzymes that will react with them.