The Method

The Naturell method of cleaning carpet is very different from the conventional method. Because of our patented cleaning product we are able to use about 95% less moisture, this allows carpet to dry in about 30 minutes. The key to this major benefit is that our all natural cleaning product is not oil based and is non alkaline. Detergents are oil based; even the new generation of detergents made with vegetable oil rather than petroleum is oil based. Oil plus carpet fiber equals sticky residue that attracts more dirt and must be rinsed out using plenty of water.

The conventional method of cleaning carpet is based on the same technology used to clean driveways and engines. Hot water and detergent are sprayed into the carpet under high pressure to blast dirt loose. This requires the use of gallons of water and detergent. Unlike a driveway, all of that liquid does not just run off of your carpet, so high powered truck mounted vacuums must be used to pull the gallons of liquid back out of the carpet. It is a common misconception that the suction is what clean's the carpet, but it is the high pressure spray that actually does the cleaning. The suction is necessary because with such large volumes of liquid, nothing short of a powerful vacuum would be able to remove the flooded condition caused by the initial cleaning.

In our quest to develop a better way to clean carpet we made several observations:

1) High pressure spraying is not the only or necessarily the best way to clean, especially soft surfaces like carpet because too much liquid is often left behind.

2) Oil based alkaline detergent is hard to rinse out of laundry even with three rinse cycles, it is even harder to rinse out of carpet which can't be submerged in a drum of water and spun dry.

3) Chemicals don't just go away after you are finished using them, they often end up back in the environment or in the indoor environment of your home.

The method we use is called the bonnet method because bonnets are used to agitate and absorb dirt out of carpet. A bonnet is a thick round mop pad that is placed under a low speed floor buffer. Like a sponge in a bowl of water, the bonnet absorbs the small amount of liquid we spray along with the dirt. The bonnet is able to wipe each fiber from the base to the top from all sides and clean deep down to the base of the fiber. There are five steps to our method; sweep the edges, vacuum using a janitorial strength vacuum, spray our all natural cleaning product onto the carpet in a fine mist, buff the carpet with a bonnet, and rake to stand the fibers up.

For a report by the Institute of Medicine regarding damp indoor spaces and health please Click Here.

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