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As people become more concerned about chemicals and the environment, more companies use words like natural ingredients, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, to make their products seem more natural or less toxic. We feel it is important to make a distinction between us and them.

Organic: of, like, or derived from living organisms. Our cleaning solution is organic as it is derived from Icelandic Sea kelp. Plants, trees, animals, and people are all organic. Wine is organic as it is derived from grapes or other vegetation. Metal, stone, and minerals are all non-organic even though they are natural.

Natural ingredients: ingredients that originate from nature. Where else could one go to get basic ingredients? Everything man made is a refinement of things we found on our planet. Gasoline and almost all other man made chemicals have a natural ingredient in common, crude oil.

Biodegradable: breaks down (decomposes) in nature. Even the most toxic Chemicals will eventually decompose.

Environmentally friendly: this is a very general term with no real regulations except that if something poses a potentially serious threat to the environment, it shouldn't be labeled environmentally friendly.

It is simply easier, faster, and less expensive for cleaning product manufacturers to use man made chemicals in their products. There are many cleaning products on the market that have chemicals listed as hazardous making up more than 95% of their solution. Truth in advertising laws do not prohibit them from using misleading words like those mentioned above. However they do prohibit them from making untrue statements. For this reason you will rarely ever find a product that claims to be Completely Organic, or Chemical Free. This is a distinction we are proud to have.